pondelok 27. augusta 2012

New design

After a long time I had to redo it here because I care about your blog later, here I want to improve more and create your own look a while so I will stay here while the pink color is not like me at all but somehow I manage it here : )

utorok 21. augusta 2012

Vienna cosplay meeting

 Today I first attended the Vienna meeting, which was really good, I met a lot of people there from the splendid costumes, and they were really nice, awfully well we is hot we went to the tearoom, we regaled out on the street, many people choose us and photographed by and tell you we are very im posed for advice and it was great, although it was the second annual meeting in Vienna, but so many people tell you, I was not expecting us to around 500 people, and frankly I'm glad that we found such a large capacity that we tearoom is there for all to fit.

nedeľa 12. augusta 2012

Sewing machine is back! And again, I can sew costumes.

So here the first time I write some of her diary , which I honestly do not know from the beginning to write about this but hooray that today I finally bought a sewing machine that works, and especially! Which I can finally finish the cosplay in our group, indeed, I can start working on their dissected costumes that I have in the closet for so long that I feel that I have never in my life did not finish but now on my sewing machine, it has will be easy as pie!