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Harry Potter and Pottermore

 Harry Potter character:

OC character from pottermore RPG
Lizzy McAtria
- student in Slytherin (HP Era) - (COMPLETE)
- student in Gryffindor (Marauders Era) - (COMPLETE)
- DeathEater

Lizzy McAtria / 10.10.1978 - I was in second grade when he joined Potter /
Occupation: student
Blood: pure-blood
School: Hogwarts - Slytherin
I live: Spinner’s End (among Muggles - to hide)
Wand: 13.5 inches, slightly flexible, holly, dragon heartstring (suitable for throwing a curse)
Boggart: Severus Snape (later Albus Dubledore)
Animagus: Wolf (registered), Snake (non-registered)
Patronus: Doe (before Snake)
Features: DADA and Potions
Favorite Professor: Lupin and Snape

I did not finish school after the fall of the Dark Lord … Somehow I was afraid of the impact on his left hand to my buttocks dark omen, but I’ve never been proper Death Eater, I did not! My secret love and finally was Severus but I gave him … Now I live alone ..

Once upon a time our family was very popular but the last time I stayed, I would be using time-turner go back and change the past.

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