streda 21. augusta 2013

Shopping: 27.7.2013

So I add more SHOPPING UPDATE is awesome so I'm on it lately because I have an awful lot of shopping!

I bought a bunch of colorful Mature clips in her hair and it took me a long time to choose the right colors truly awful lot of them out there and they just could not be washed from those of all! But then finally it wasalmost alone but must admit though beautiful colors? Maybe the picture are not well seen but there is a faint pink, and orange, white and yellow-green, turquoise, blue. Just a lot of colors!

 Again, I had to buy headphones because they sell fast! So I bought two more pieces! It was worth it!

So now that I've said this su purses and are awfully adorable on my favorite BJD doll :) now in three forms!

 Again, I bought those romantic straws :) They are beautiful though? I look forward when they will use when shooting!

So again I bought a box of drugs and an empty bottle of spray!

New gloves of bunnies but say they are adorable!

Ballerinas awful I liked and are awfully convenient!
New shirts that I finally did not stand a lot of money!

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